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Aging Well

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Socially & Financially.

A Life path of purpose & meaning

The Aging Well Path promotes happiness, confidence, motivation, and self-empowerment for senior women. The Aging Well blog covers the issues senior women face in the aging process: mental, emotional, physical, financial, and social wellness for senior females. It helps senior women as we grow older in a youth-obsessed culture. We’re in it together. We can help each other age gracefully and learn to feel good about aging well. 


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The Aging Well Path

Peace of Mind


Welcome To The Aging Well Path

Thank you for joining this path with me and other women ready to learn and grow together. Being connected is one part of the Aging Well Path. We live in exciting times. It’s the best time for older women who want to follow the Aging Well Path. I look forward to...

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Every Step of the Way


Embracing Change—Do We Have a Choice?

"Change is what we get to the next place. Profoundly true. We embraced change as seniors in High School. Now as seniors in Life....we tend to hold on. I still want to see the next places in my life. So I want to embrace change again!" A classmate from high...

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Living free from fears


The Happiness Factor (part 1)

Positive emotions bring out your highest potential, according to research by Barbara Fredrickson (author of The Pursuit of Happiness). It improves your mind’s abilities: we “think faster, think more creatively, and resolve challenging situations” (Fredrickson in...

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Happy Living

The Aging Well blog offers inspiration to help senior women feel more like getting out of bed in the morning, but not so much that it’s annoying. With the whole world seemingly geared to the younger generations, older females have become marginalized.  I’d like to help change that. At least, provide words for senior women to help them feel worthy, to feel ok about growing older in an increasingly younger world.

Exploring what it means to age well and shedding light on what matters. The Aging Well blog addresses senior women’s hidden fears, dreams, desires, passions, pains, problems, issues, concerns, and objections.

The Aging Well Path helps senior women grow through knowledge of themselves and others, so they can become their best selves. It’s about senior women redefining, revitalizing, or renewing themselves. The Aging Well Path is about a life with purpose and meaning. 

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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